One comment on “A missing scene from “The revenge of the Sith”

  1. I seem to have devolved into the realm of fan fiction.

    A week before this movie came out
    (a long time ago I know)
    I actually had this rough idea
    of a scene where we find out
    that Darth Vader was working
    from the inside the entire time.

    Simple scene. 5 minutes of dialog tops
    but it puts a spin on all 6 movies.

    You thought he was just a badass in Empire,
    laying down the hurt on Admiral Ossel.
    But in fact he was exacerbating the fear
    running rampant through a galactic bureaucracy.

    When I went to the movie
    I expected/hoped a scene
    like this one
    to actually be in the movie
    because in my mind
    it was the only way to salvage
    the past 2 movies.

    Then Anakin acted stiffly
    because Anakin (the character)
    was acting badly.
    All the time he was with his wife
    and his friends
    he knew that he would eventually
    have to do his job,
    and they all needed to hate him.

    In such a situation
    it would be natural
    for him to act so distant.

    I’m not exactly sure why
    I wrote it in(roughly)
    iambic pentameter.

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