One comment on “License to Spill

  1. A recent Order of the Stick webcomic had a scene with the olde vat of acid. I always love how the word acid suggests something painfull if not lethal, instead of a liquid with some +H ions and a ph less than water. The humorous side of D&D that Mr. Burlew plays with in the webcomic mentioned above, lies in the cracks formed when rules are applied to a game of probability. Therefore, a first level wizard to roll for acid damage(citric and lactic) at breakfast and quite possibly die for surely than if he was attacked by a housecat. Then I remembered an idea I had about 2 years ago. I couldn’t think of a way to make it work well in a comic format at the time. Especially since the “007egrette” pun works so much better(kind of) spoken than it does written. Anyway I thought writing out the scene with a little less of a punchline style of humor might work better.

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